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Steel Stallion Inc, Robert Turner


Robert Turner has consulted for world class aerospace company Boeing.



Robert Turner continues to consult with First Nations in Canada and US.



Robert Turner is a large shareholder of a medical device manufacturer.



Robert Turner is consulting for one of the largest energy companies in Canada.



Robert Turner is a Board Director on companies in Atlantic Canada.



Robert Turner has experience in the digital fingerprint technology business.

Steel Stallions Inc, Robert Turner



Steel Stallions Inc, Robert Turner
Steel Stallions Inc, Robert Turner
Steel Stallions Inc, Robert Turner
Steel Stallions Inc, Robert Turner
Steel Stallions Inc, Robert Turner
Steel Stallions Inc, Robert Turner
Steel Stallions Inc, Robert Turner


Steel Stallions Consultants Inc is the consulting firm of Robert Turner based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Robert Turner offers consulting, partnership, executive board membership, non-executive board membership and mentoring. Specialising in First Nations negotiations, Steel Stallions has a reputation for working towards a mutually advantageous outcome for all. Creating the right environment for dialogue to make best use of the opportunities is the starting point.

Steel Stallions Consultants Inc also invests in local and international endeavours. For over 15 years Robert Turner has been investing in the people and their business and remains an active board member for serveral organisations.

Robert Turner, President, Steel Stallions Inc

Tel: 1-902-893-0987

Robert Turner

Robert Turner is the founder and President of Steel Stallions Consultants and for over a decade his work has included the negotiations with First Nation Communities entering into the Commercial Fishery as a result of the Marshall Decision and most notably his work with Millbrook First Nation, located in Truro, Nova Scotia. Robert has also worked with First Nations in Florida, New Mexico and Arizona. Robert Turner has worked and continues to work with senior levels of industry and government on international files related to technology transfer, sales, and procurement in China, Taiwan, Russia, Germany, Austria, and the USA. Robert' experience extends to the fields of seafood, aerospace, solar, wind, and bio-energy, pharmaceuticals, hospitality and gaming. Robert Turner has a proven track record in international business development and senior level negotiations.


Prior to Steel Stallions, Robert co-founded Scotia Premium Stamping in 1993 located in Debert, NS, a manufacturer of aftermarket auto parts (gas tanks), which he subsequently sold to the world's largest manufacturer of aftermarket gas tanks for vehicles in 1998. Robert began his career with the RCMP and served for 22 years as a Regular Member before his retirement, serving in several Canadian provinces and territories.



Robert Turner

Steel Stallions Consultants Inc

Truro, Nova Scotia, CANADA

Tel:  1-902-893-0987


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